Lorne – The Great Ocean Road

No matter how many times our destination is Lorne on The Great Ocean Road, we are never, less than in awe of the beauty. Different seasons unfold an exciting drama of changing colours and atmosphere.

Although summer is the ideal time to experience the pristine waters, it is also the time when you have to battle for a space to float in the perfect undulating waves. If you don’t like crowds, avoid Lorne during peak summer holiday times. It has much to offer even during the bleakest of winters, with warm cosy cafes aplenty, and a coat, scarf and beanie is all you need for an invigorating, blustery walk on the pier.

There are many grassy places to sit and picnic, or lay back and soak up the sun. The view is beautiful from any height or angle.

Boite June 2015 423 Boite June 2015 426

Loutit Bay from the popular walk to the pier.

Boite June 2015 422

Lorne Festival of Performing Arts – held in August – brings to the community, groups like The Nymphs, who strolled the pier after a brilliant performance at the Grand Pacific Hotel a couple of years ago.


Cooler weather gives a good excuse for a coffee or home made soup in one of the many eateries. Moons makes an excellent iced coffee, with real beans sprinkled on top which contrast perfectly with the sweetness of the ice cream. However, don’t go there if you are in a hurry, or expect service with a smile.

IMAG1353 - Copy

High tide and rough seas – the sea gulls rode those waves. It is not often that I have seen the water this rough or high at Lorne. It was awesome.

IMAG1467 IMAG1342 - Copy - Copy

Plenty of bird life. There are also Kookaburra’s frequently sitting on verandahs, waiting patiently for anyone with a bit of mince meat to feed them. It is not recommended you feed the birds.

DSCN8267 IMAG1997

The fisherman’s co-op offers a good selection of seafood,  both caught locally, and brought in. I can’t resist the fresh prawns. The chalkboard on the front wall has changing quotes of wisdom.

IMAG1340 - Copy - Copy IMAG1334 - Copy - Copy

An easy stroll along the boardwalk follows the inlet towards the swing bridge.  It offers great photo opportunities with its still glassy surface giving a mirror reflection that is stunning. The Swing Bridge Cafe and Boathouse makes an excellent Chai Latte.

Boite June 2015 449 Boite June 2015 420

The inlet offers a safer water play option for families, at low tide.

Boite June 2015 418

Interesting plants spotted along the walk past the swing bridge.

Boite June 2015 421

Erskine Falls is a pretty walk. The blue stone steps make it much easier than the slippery tree roots and dirt I remember sliding down  many years ago. Be wary of snakes.

Boite June 2015 447

Rock hopping at the falls. There are some beautiful walks following the falls for the more adventurous.

Boite June 2015 441 Boite June 2015 443

The Lorne skate park has places to sit, and a water tap.It offers a bowl that is suitable for less experienced skaters, so plenty of little kids zig zagging through the older skaters and riders.


Squid of humongous proportions have been landed on the Lorne pier. Such beautiful colours.

IMAG1454 IMAG1350 - Copy

And on a still day, you can often see Stingrays at the shallow end, skimming over the sand under the pier. I can watch them for ages. A relaxing pastime.

IMAG1355 - Copy IMAG1354 - Copy

I highly recommend getting up early to watch the sun rise from the pier. It is truly beautiful, and brekky is available across the road on Mountjoy Parade by the time the sun has risen. On this day, it was a bit cloudy, so we didn’t get the full impact of the rising sun, but it was still majestic.

IMAG1492 IMAG1495

So lovely.


A feel good experience.


Lovely Lorne. Always worthy of a return visit.

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