‘BIG’ Aussie Things – Strange and Quirky sights in Australia

I love the unexpected. Driving on long road trips we often look for the unexpected. Australia is full of BIG things, and ‘things’ in unusual locations. I intend to add to this blog as I stumble across things that make me squeal. BIG things are my favourites, but the quirky finds make me happy!

Ned Kelly, Glenrowan

Man about town Ned Kelly.

The Thong Tree, Echuca.

Aussie Skeleton

On the roadside between Robe and Kingston is SA.

The Giant Koala.

Situated in Dadswell Bridge, between Stawell and Horsham is It is 14 metres tall.

The Big Mango

The Big Mango stands 10 metres high. It is located at the Visitor Information Centre, Bruce Highway,  just a little south of Bowen. It’s quite a good ‘Big Thing’. Nice colours.



The Giant Galah

Kimba is the home of The Giant Galah. Standing eight metres high, it lies half way across Australia between Melbourne and Perth on the Eyre Highway. I can’t find any reason why Kimba has a BIG Galah, but who cares. It is there.


Cocklebiddy Roadhouse

Cocklebiddy is a roadhouse on the Eyre Highway. This is an iconic sign that makes everyone smile after a long drive. Great place to stop. Meals are huge, home cooked and delicious.


The CD Tree

Still on the Eyre Highway, the CD tree. Glittering enticingly, I couldn’t go past without stopping for a photo


The Big Murray Cod

The Big Murray Cod in Tocumwal, New South Wales, is one of the earliest big things in Australia. Installed in 1968 Goodoo is the Aboriginal name.

Euroa Ladies Lavatories

Euroa service centre boasts these lovely doors in the ladies toilets.


The Giant Trout

Odd of my favourites. The 10 metre high giant trout in Adaminaby is located 51 kilometres northwest of Cooma, in the Snowy Mountains.


Holbrook Submarine

Holbrook is situated between Melbourne and Sydney on the Hume Highway.It is the home to the decommissioned Australian submarine HMAS Otway. It is BIG, but only because it has been restored in it’s actual size. Strange thing to find in country NSW!


The BIG Merino 

The Big Merino is concrete merino ram standing 15.2 metres tall. Situated in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. It has been nicknamed “Rambo” by the locals. It is a symbol of Goulburn as ‘the Fine Wool Capital of the World’.


The Big Golden Guitar.

On the southern approach to Tamworth, Australia’s home of country music is the Big Golden Guitar. The Big Golden Guitar was unveiled by Australia’s “King of Country Music” Slim Dusty in 1988. It is one of the most visited and photographed sites in Australia. I took my turn in the queue.


The Big Orange, Berri South Australia.

The BIG Orange is 15 metres high, has a diameter of 12 metres and is the biggest of the BIG fruit in Australia.


The Big Lobster, Kingston South Australia.

Looking very fierce, the BIG lobster was built in 1979 and is known locally as Larry the Lobster. It stands 17 metres tall.

The Big Prawn

The Big Prawn is in Ballina near Bunnings. It used to perch on the roof of a bait shop, but now contends with passing traffic in and out of a car park. A great example of Aussie Big Things, i think it deserves a better place to reside.

King Neptune – Two Rocks Western Australia. A ten metre tall King Neptune was hard to photograph as he is enclosed by a wire fence and hidden by overgrown shrubbery and debris. The Atlantis Marine Park constructed in 1981 lies in ruins around him, with other ocean-themed sculptures lurking in various parts of the seafront.

The Big Beach Chair – Lancelin Western Australia. Standing 2 metres high the big beach chair can’t be missed at the junction of Gingin Road and Walker Avenue.

THE SHOE FENCE PRINCESS HIGHWAY NEAR PORTLAND. We saw this on a recent trip to Cape Bridgewater and had to stop for a photo. The photo didn’t take in the entire length of the fence but it went on for some distance. I snapped and jumped back in the car as the smell was pretty gruesome.