Husskison NSW

Huskisson is a town in New South Wales, Australia in the City of Shoalhaven. It is located shores of Jervis Bay, 24 km south-east of Nowra. We have stayed here twice and will go back again. There is a variety of accomodation, the trendy fisherman’s huts located right on the waterfront have no public access, which allows guests peace and privacy. We hired sea kayaks and paddled right to our accomodations private jetty.

A boardwalk offers a stroll through the mangrove swamp. It is so pretty and tidal. We walked through both at high and low tide and it was beautiful.


Quite by accident, we discovered a crystal clear idyllic beach hidden from the town centre. A rather comfortable looking camping ground was right at beach side. Fabulous for families.


Lots of great walks not too far away.


We recommend the local Thai restaurant for a tasty and very reasonably priced dinner…or two…or three if you are there for a while. The bottle shop down the road sells chocolate when all the other shops in town are closed!

I had to mention the coffee stop we made on the drive home in Gundagai. Never having wandered through the town, we were so glad we took the time. The Murrumbidgee River was in flood and flowing high and strong.

The old timber bridge was quite lovely in its weathered decay. Take the time to stop in town and check it out, much nicer than the ugly roadside eateries.

Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory National Park is on a peninsula southeast of Melbourne, Australia. The beauty of the area blew me away and camping is a great way to explore the prom. There are many walks of varying degrees of difficulty, not to mention camp grounds with and without amenities. Being neither a super fit hiker, or terribly rugged camper, we did it easy. I chose to stay in a comfortably sized tent in a powered site – nearIMG_0919 the amenities. I know, I know, i’m a wimp.

I love this place. The beauty strikes you with wonder and surprise everywhere you go. So many land and sea scapes, all breath taking. Stunning coastal scenery, granite mountains and pristine wilderness are home to an abundance of native wildlife. Beware the wombats. There are many stories of them ripping through tents in search of food. It is recommended you keep esky and food in the car. They are not scared of people and they are BIG.




Tidal River is the campsite for cowards like me, and why not? It is beautiful, with many short incredible walks nearby. Tides come in, tides go out, but the walk along Tidal River to Norman Bay was irresistible morning to night. During summer, the water was warm and kids and adults alike, lolled in the shallow pools. I didn’t travel far on this trip, preferring to enjoy Norman Beach and Tidal River. Doing the walk to Squeaky Beach was a ripper, but i was totally in awe of the tranquility so near to a very busy campsite.


The walk from Tidal River camp ground to Squeaky Beach with it’s white quartz sand offers views along the track which are pretty amazing. I just couldn’t get enough of Tidal River. And most of my photos reflect my infatuation.



There is some interesting architecture to be found if you look in hidden corners


I’m going back as soon as i can.