Beachport SA

In March we finally headed to Beachport SA. After a full day’s drive, once over the border we finally feel like we have left Melbourne behind and a new adventure begins. We drove along the Glenelg Highway, quite a nice drive that passes the majestic Gariwerd (Grampians), and through interesting little towns like Linton and Skiption, towns which although look defeated as they slowly decline, show an exciting potential should the future provide opportunity for a rebirth as road stops with fooderies and knick knack shops.

We stopped at Hamilton for a late lunch and the familiar Kings Bakery who offer friendly service, freshly made sandwiches and of course, i had to try the vanilla slice…half of one actually.

On reaching Beachport we were happy to have gained half an hour as we were running a little late. We checked into the Southern Ocean caravan park. Staff were extremely friendly and although a little dated, the amenities were clean. Good size grassy sites are protected from the howling winds that often buffet the coastline. Super quiet too. No road noises. We will stay here again. Easy walk into town.

This park boasts an incredibly fine camp kitchen. Large, light filled, big outdoor area and a pizza oven!

We set up quickly and went for a walk to check out the town and the waterfront before sunset. It is a very pretty town with a small but adequate shopping strip and looooong beach walks. I was super excited. It is an exceptionally beautiful coastline with crystal clear water. The 700 odd metre jetty added to my joy. A sheltered boat ramp for those wanting to throw in a line and miles of white sand with clean water made my introduction to Beachport joyful and as the sun set in a glorious show of colour we happily tucked in for dinner and an early night, ready for a week of exploring.

The main street of Beachport has a cute cinema, telephone box book swap and a bakery and cafes close to the waterfront.

So much beautiful water. The pictures say more than words ever could.

Day two we explored the nearby surrounds. The Pool of Siloam is heralded to have therapeutic properties due to it’s heavy salt content, but it didn’t entice us to go in for a swim. It was a bit murky and manky.

The coastline north just out of Beachport offers beautiful views of rocky outcrops and rock pools. Get out of the car and walk if you are able. You will miss out on so much beauty if you don’t.

Lake George is a salt lake that is dotted with thousands of black swans. The drive around the lake is really 4WD only as it is quite rocky, sandy and at times wet. We had fun but didn’t get to the end as time was short. We will do this again next time we are out this way as the lake was spectacular and the swans an incredible sight. I wish i had a good zoom. This was the best i could do with my phone.

Lake George from the other side was accessible by foot and 4WD. We had a quick look at the Woakwine cutting, a crazy engineering feat that i am not sure was such a brilliant idea, and then drove onto the lake for a walk. Don’t get too close to the edges! As it gets wetter the salty sand is very sticky. My shoes needed a wash and dry afterwards. I have a good husband.

Southend, about half an hour south of Beachport has very well marked walks and a cute book swap outside the CFA. The views are spectacular. Isolated coves with crystal clear waters. Truly lovely and quite easy walks.

Beachport sunsets are pretty impressive.

Sadly it was only a short five day stay. I could easily have stayed a month and explored in greater detail. The walks were so good i wanted to do them all again. But we had to head back to work and decided to take a long slow drive, heading home via Penola for morning tea.

I have a passion for tiled amenities and this one didn’t let me down.

Penola has a cute street and a little park with seats and benches. The surly woman serving us as Windara Bakery put a slight dampener on our experience but we took our vanilla slices and coffee into the park and enjoyed the greenery and sunlight.

Next we stopped at Casterton the home of the Kelpie, for a wee and leg stretch. Take time to stop and have a walk up and down the main street. The once prosperous town has some beautiful shops, unfortunately most of them are vacant, with hand written signs apologising for closing due to lack of business. They have a feel of waiting forlornly to be restored to their former beauty and filled for passing tourist trade. Truly sad. I wish i had seen the street at its best with all the stores brimming.

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