Port Fairy, Cape Bridgewater and surrounds.

The wind! Oh my. Is Port Fairy ever not ferociously blowy? We have visited five times, winter and summer and i have been blown to bits every time. In saying that, it is a very pretty town with lovely gardens and grass that creates an envy i find hard to control. It is very much worth a visit if you have not done so yet. There is copious accommodation available, in fact, i would love to know what percentage of the few blocks surrounding the main streets are rental vs owner occupier.

We chose to stay in the Penguin and booked a very reasonably priced and good sized super grassy site at Southcombe Caravan Park. This is indeed one of the nicest parks we have camped in. Going off season meant this huge park was practically empty, so it was quiet and super clean. The hedging throughout ensured excellent wind breaks and considerable privacy. Very pleasant.

Day one after a long drive from Melbourne, about four hours, we set up and headed for a walk around Griffiths Island. Super pretty at low tide. The colours of the sea were just beautiful. The walk is easy and and not long, but we walked from Seacombe park to make it a little longer and give our legs a good stretch before locking in for the evening away from the…wind…

The two walks take you to the light house.

And look out for these little fellows on the track.

The walks around Port Fairy are easy and the car can be left behind, even to go to the shops and cafes. The IGA is good. Fresh salads and precooked meals in the deli for those who don’t want to eat out but can’t be bothered with ingredients. The bottle shop was a bit of a let down, i was hoping for regional craft beers and wines but it was sadly disappointing. Two bakeries have adequate sweet bits and breads – we tried the carrot cake and vanilla slices from the bakeries, but the cakes were superior at Rebecca’s Cafe, sold from a cart on the street and packed into card boxes for easy carrying. They are pricey, but worth the extra dollars as the textures and flavours were really exceptional.

Birdlife is abundant. There are lots of waterways with walks around them. Wetlands offer birdwatchers plenty to keep them happy.

The Moyne River provides another short easy walk. Riverside accommodation and moored boats offer interest and a bridge allows a longer walk with access across the river and clean white sand beaches.

A short drive from Port Fairy is Yambuck Lake. There is a small caravan park tucked away in a very pleasant quiet spot for those wishing to avoid bustle…except when kids arrive to use the Yambuck Slide! We decided not to try the slide, preferring to avoid potential damage to our bodies, and instead enjoyed the walk to the mouth of the river. There was not much to see when we got there, but the walk itself was very pretty and recommended.

The Crags are just before Yambuck Lake. Interesting rock formations and blue blue water. A quick stop for a look is definitely recommended.

Cape Bridgewater was lovely. We will return to this beautiful area for a longer time, but we only had one day, and left wanting more. Around this amazing town is so much to explore. The seal colony is an easy walk most of the way, but does have a few steps and steep inclines that could make it difficult for people with impacted mobility.

We only saw two seals on our visit but they lolled about and entertained us for ages.

The Blow Holes were spraying high and the blue of the sea was brilliant. The access to the viewing platform is easy and we watched the spray hitting great heights for quite a while. Excellent view from way up high.

The petrified forest was our last peek at nature for the day. Stunning environment and i can’t wait to go back and walk more. The Great South West Walk is 200 kms long and provides ample well marked tracks that can be accessed from various points, including some of the tracks we followed.

And yet another lighthouse! But who can resist a lighthouse. This one was of interest to us as the Great South West Walk continued past it and off along the clifftops, disappearing into the distance. I would have loved to follow it further.

Special mention to the Bridgewater Bay Beach Cafe. Great food, great view of a beautiful beach, and wine and craft beer! The food was excellent and so nice to find good beers available for lunch. The cakes looked good too, but we were too full after lunch. Next time!

I was going to finish with the glorious Bridgewater Bay Cafe lunch, but on the way back to Port Fairy, we spotted the shoe fence, and had to stop for a photo. Be warned, it smells like sweaty old shoes!


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